How to make your dog’s coat look shiny, soft and healthy

A soft and shiny coat not only makes a dog look better, but it also means that it is healthy as well.

Dog coats protect the skin from the sun, rain, snow and from a number of parasites, injuries and dog bites. The coat of the dog acts as a thermoregulator, which you should consult with a vet before proceeding to shave its hair or fur in the summer.

A well maintained, clean and healthy coat will help keep the skin safe from excessive dryness, infections, and itchiness. In some cases, dogs may cause skin abrasions with a risk of infections due to excessive scratching when the skin is compromised for some reason.

A coat which is unhealthy looks dry and can easily become matted, especially with long-haired dogs.

To keep the coat of your dog healthy, you must ensure that it eats proper foods and that you groom it on a regular basis. In some cases, additional supplementation may be needed as well to ensure that the coat is nice and healthy.

Here are some simple tips to help keep the coat of your dog as healthy and well looking as possible:

  • Make sure it eats high-quality food

The diet of your dog should consist of high-quality dog food with a sufficient amount of proteins and fat because these nutrients are essential for the health and maintenance of the hair and nails.

Fat helps feed the dog’s hair and is what makes it look shiny and beautiful. A diet with no or low quantities of fat will leave your dog with dull, rough and unkempt looking fur or hair.

To ensure that your dog is getting top quality food for their overall health and coat care, choose dog food which has specific source meat as the main ingredient, rather than food which doesn’t specify which type of meat is used or is labeled as made of bones or a poultry by-product. The ratio of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids should be balanced too.

Grain-free foods are also known to help keep the coat healthy, shiny and soft.

  • Regular grooming and brushing

By brushing your dog’s coat, you will ensure that you remove the falling hairs, and also prevent the coat from matting. Brushing helps distribute the natural oils released by the skin to the hair and this helps make the coat look amazing. Plus, brushing will help you identify any scratches, abrasions or parasites on the skin.

Plus, unless your dog hates being groomed, you will have some extra fun and quality time with your pet every time you brush its hair.

Of course, you can use the services of a professional groomer if you want. They have the experience and the required tools to take proper care of your dog’s coat and to ensure that it is groomed properly.

  • Supplements

There is a wide variety of supplements made for dogs which claim to benefit the skin or hair of the animal. Most of them actually do work and can help improve the look and health of your dog’s coat, but they are not very helpful when the problems with the coat are due to allergies or to infections or other health conditions.

Follow these tips and your dog will have the shiniest and healthiest coat ever!

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