How to make walking your dog safer and more fun

Walking your dog regularly on a daily basis is not only a great form of exercise for you, but is also essential for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Here are some tips for ensuring that you are walking your dog properly and that your walks are more fun rather than a hassle:

  • Try a front clip harness for less pulling

If you have an overenthusiastic dog which constantly pulls on the leash, try a front clip harness instead of one with a back clip. You will feel very much relieved, as this type of harness actually reduces the pulling and will thus make life easier for you.

  • Allow the dog to sniff around

It may feel annoying, but dogs actually need to sniff around because it is through their noses and smells that they communicate with each other. So, next time your pup gets overly interested in the fire hydrant or tree, just let it sniff it out if you want your pet to be happy.

  • Avoid using retractable leashes

This type of leashes is quite hazardous for your dog and for other pedestrians around you. You don’t want your dog to suddenly run out to the busy street, or trip someone walking or jogging by you right?

Also, this type of leash could cause you to trip and fall over while trying to maintain control of your dog as well.

  • Pick up the poop

Not only will this keep you safe from angry neighbors, but you will help keep your community nice and clean. Dog feces can carry multiple different pathogens which can be harmful to other pets, people and for the soil and water. So, make sure you always scoop up that poop once your dog has done its business!

  • Bring fresh water

This is essential especially during the scorching summer days or if you planning a long walk or hike. Your pup needs to be properly hydrated in order to stay healthy and energized.

  • Make sure your dog has an ID tag

Even the most obedient dogs can get lost, get stolen or run away. Make sure you always have its ID tag or enter your phone and contact details on the leash itself. The best way to secure that your dog is found if lost is to microchip it.

  • Protect the paws from excessive heat

Either avoid the hot asphalt during the scorching summer days by walking your dog on grass or dirt or get a set of dog booties to ensure that its paws don’t get burnt.

  • Carry treats

Capture the attention of your dog if it wonders off or in unnerving situations by offering it one of its favorite treats when you are outdoors.

These are just some of the tips for making your dog walking experience more pleasurable both for you and for your canine friend.

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