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Avoiding Ringworm, Bacterial Infections and Fungus

Is your Pet Getting the Nutrients it needs for a Healthy Coat and Skin?

Did you know that skin and coat problems in pets aren’t just limited to the presence of fleas and ticks? Oftentimes, pet owners notice that while their dog or cat exhibits symptoms of pest infestation such as excessive scratching, there are not fleas or ticks in sight – or hiding. A pet’s skin or coat irritation can be due to many different causes, from environmental factors to diet related deficiencies!

Recently, the American Veterinary Medical Association published a study that proved the importance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in promoting healthy skin and coats in pets. The results showed that animals with skin and coat problems were often lacking a source for fatty acids in their diet, and once they were administered Omega rich supplements, their coats and skin showed significant improvements within seven weeks.

Both cats and dogs strongly rely on Omega fatty acids for many different reasons including neurology, joint health and especially, skin and coat health. If your pet exhibits dry, flaky skin or an overly coarse coat, feeding them a nutritional supplement to provide more fatty acids can be a big help. Simply adding a small amount of Linseed or Sunflower Oil to your pet’s regular food can be enough to do the trick, but you may want to consult with your veterinarian to help decide on the correct amount.

Many animals suffer from skin and coat problems to varying degrees of severity, and the problem often significantly impacts their quality of life. Whether your pet is suffering from a bacterial skin infection, a fungal infection such as ringworm, or just a seasonal allergic reaction, there are many steps you can take to remedy the situation and reduce the negative impact it has on your pet. It is crucial to make sure your pet is getting all the essential care it needs to avoid these painful and unsightly skin conditions.

Natural remedies are very effective in providing supplements that help your pets retain or re-grow a silky smooth coat and avoid irritating skin problems. There are many topical herbal products that can encourage healthy skin and fur. Tissue salts can also be extremely effective as they work at the cellular level to clear infections and cleanse the skin whether the problem is due to allergies, bacteria or minor irritation.

The bottom line when it comes to skin and coat issues is prevention. Even brushing your dog regularly can help to distribute oils from the skin throughout their coat. Most importantly, a healthy diet with proper nutritional supplements - including natural remedies - will ensure healthy skin and fur, as well as promote a happier and more enjoyable lifestyle for your pet!