Running is a great and healthy activity without a doubt. But it can get a bit monotonous if you don’t have a companion who’ll run with you. If you have a dog though, you also have a potentially amazing running buddy at your side.

Running together with your dog is good for both of you. Your dog will get their necessary daily walk, and you’ll get your workout. However, you must first train your dog to become an ideal running companion.

So let’s take a look at a couple of tips on how to do just that.

Take your dog’s breed and age into consideration

Some breeds are more suited for long distance walk and some aren’t. Dogs with short muzzles can’t walk for long, so if you have a pug or a bulldog, stick to short distance running. Puppies also shouldn’t be taken out on running routines because their bones are still developing.

On the other hand, your dog might be the perfect breed for running and not enjoy it. It all depends on their personality and character. Don’t force them to be your running buddy if they don’t want to.

Walk before running

Much like humans, dogs also need to get in shape before they could run a marathon. That’s why you should start off easy, with walks. Take your dog out for walks on a daily basis.

Also, you need to teach your dog to stick close to you so that you don’t have to hold the leash tightly. If they don’t learn that before you start running together, they might tug on the leash in the middle of the run and make you fall over and hurt yourself. Teach them to next to you on one side, without running in front of you or making a zig zag motion.

Let your dog know when it’s time for a dash

You should teach your dog a command that will let them know it’s time to speed up. Phrases like “Pedal to the metal!” or “Hammer time!” will do the trick. You will also need to teach them a command to slow down or stop.

Give these cues right before you increase or decrease the pace and your dog will learn to understand them quickly.

Bring a couple of essentials along with you

You need a pair of running shoes (if you are in a need of a new pair check out the reviews on Comforthacks), some water and your phone with earphones and that’s about it. Your dog needs a leash, some treats, and a water bottle for dogs.

Bringing treats along with you is a good idea because you can use them to reward your dog after a job well done. You don’t want your dog to be thirsty or dehydrated, so bring a dog water bottle with you. They are similar to regular bottles, but they have a small bowl on the cap that lets your dog drink from it. They can be bought in almost any pet shop

I hope this article will help you train your dog to become a great running companion. Then you’ll have another bonding activity to enjoy with your furry best friend.

dog with leather collar and bone charm

We all love to wear nice and pretty things and we like to feel comfortable while doing so. If you can manage to demonstrate your originality and creativity while doing that, then you really hit the jackpot.

Having said that, it’s perfectly natural to feel happy when your friend achieves that. In fact, helping them to do so is somewhat expected from a true friend.

And is there a greater friend than our wonderful doggies?

So let’s help our puppets to look nice and feel comfortable by creating an ideal collar for them!

Sure you can buy one but that’s no fun. It’s better to make it with love than just purchase it like a boring bureaucrat would.

Anyways, it’s time to get down to business and fashion a unique accessory that will make your four legged pal look even prettier than before. Oh right, we’ll be making it from leather, because everyone loves leather!

The Essentials

Obviously, we should first point out what exactly should you get before starting this project.

  • A sewing machine capable of working with leather would make things much easier in this case. You can also do the sewing part by hand with a needle and a thread but if you wish to create similar things again in the future, investing a bit of money in buying an adequate machine would be a smart decision. Not to mention the fact that they come pretty cheap nowadays so you don’t have to worry about maxing out your credit card limit.
  • Next thing you’ll need is leather, of course. You can get some remnants or strips online for a few bucks, but you can also recycle something you don’t use anymore like an old skirt or a bag.
  • Get yourself some D rings and buckles as well. Once again, you can recycle some unused stuff you have laying around and maybe take these off your old belt.
  • A hole puncher for leather.

The Creation

It’s time to start the party, so let’s begin the creation process.

Measure your dog’s neck and cut out strips of leather in that size. Make them a bit longer so that you have enough material for attaching the findings. You should make on strip longer than the other because you’ll need to put a buckle on that way.

Punch out a hole for the buckle and stitch one row of stitches to keep the strips in place. After that, place the lever of the buckle in the hole and fold the longer strip of leather around the buckle. Now stitch it in.

Add the D ring and stitch it in as well as the leather strips together all the way around. Punch out some holes in the size of your dog’s neck. And lastly, make a little cylindrical form and slide It onto the collar. This is for holding the collar tail in place instead of it flapping around while your good boy runs around

There it is, done! Your furry best friend will surely appreciate your gift and carry it around proudly.